Dr. Constance Quigley offers world-class management & leadership development. Through DCQ Online's wide range of organizational consulting services, businesses discover greater profits, growth, and strategic branding support. Consulting services include coaching programs, team development, and employee skills development; book a consultation and get a quote here. 


As a Consultant and Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, Dr. Quigley is in a position to act as a neutral third party who can provide your organization with an outside perspective about strategies for improvement, global expansion, and growth—with more than 16 years of consulting at the executive level in Entertainment, Media, Finance, Hospitality, Music, and many more industries. Dr. Quigley offers a fresh pair of eyes to quickly spot the challenges and get you back on your path toward profitable success.


DCQ Online's hero theme reflects years of astonishment from Dr. Quigley's clientele, year over year. The Omen package offers the client the unique ability to couple Dr. Quigley's extensive expertise and provides an objective view of the organizational situation. While business directors and owners know their market like the back of their hand, internal teams can be too close to a particular issue to see the bigger picture, and this is where the Omen package saves your organization thousands of dollars per year. By partnering with a qualified consultant, you ensure that your decisions are transparent, informed, and based on unbiased data. The annual in-person strategy lasts three days at the organization and offers a comprehensive evaluation and strategy session with your teams. There are no additional costs to any U.S.-based client.

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