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I am a passionate advocate for human rights, education, and social justice. My educational journey has been extensive and rewarding, with a Doctorate in Management in Organizational Leadership, an Associate in Business Foundations, a Bachelor of Science in Global Management, and a Master of Business Administration. I am honored to be a member of prestigious societies such as Delta Mu Delta, the National Student Leadership Society, the National Honor Society, and the International Golden Key Society.

My academic pursuits have led me to earn certificates in philanthropy, business, and human rights consulting, further enriching my understanding of the world and how to make a positive impact.

My professional interests are deeply rooted in advocating for human rights and education, with a special focus on youth development and social justice. I firmly believe that education is the key to unlocking a more equitable and just society.

My life's mission is to enhance the human experience and address injustices that hinder our collective progress. I stand as a voice for the unheard and unseen, committed to empowering individuals to make a difference. With the right tools and support, which I am eager to provide, we all have the potential to effect change.

Together, we can build a better world for everyone. Let's unite our efforts and transform potential into action!

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