A few of these clients have been with Dr. Constance Quigley since 2012! Our clients have benefited from her professional consulting services, marketing, and strategic vision. As a leading Business Management Consultant, Dr. Constance has guided clients through important decisions and growing pains to include the digital alterations necessary due to the pandemic.  At DCQ, we have managed to transform the lives of our clients through a number of services catered to suit their specific needs.


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​“It's rare to come across such a brilliant mind and standout talent like Constance. I received an inquiry from her with interest and curiosity to further develop my creative project, and I was offered with so much enthusiasm and energy. She is a creative, a giver and a devoted leader. You will quickly feel as though you and her having always been on the same team working towards the same goal. On top of it all, she is also highly intuitive about people and people in business given her focus and studies on organizational leadership. Overall, I would highly recommend her. She has immense potential to organize and improve any industry.”

-Vyvyan Doan, Nike Technical Designer & Consultant

​“Constance Quigley is one of the most enthusiastic and creative leaders that I have met. She is driven by a deep passion for making the world a better place! She has proven social media and digital marketing skills and would make a strong addition to any team! She has a kind and outgoing personality and I admire her dedication to the various causes that she supports! Overall, I would recommend her for any company because I am confident that she can improve any situation she engages in!”

-Tom Maillie, Model Risk Management Reporting, Analytics & Technology Executive

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​“Johnson Family Boatbuilding & Haus2o, LLC are indeed fortunate to have Constance as Managing Director. Her decisions are always right-on and her enthusiasm is something to make other business owners jealous of. Always gives me accurate information when I need to make an informed decision. I would recommend her as a A+ addition to any business.”

-Richard Johnson, Master Shipwright

​“Constance is one of the world most passionate giver. She is a born leader of fundraising activities and ensuring that the world becomes a better place. She is the fountain of optimism level set with realism that allows for top-level team building and motivation. Working with Constance, I admire her thorough discovery phase of uncovering need and then placing the perfect solution to meet the gap uncovered, Her people skills are that of consummate professional and leave all that meet her with the awareness they are special and able to make a difference in the world. Constance is constantly challenging herself to improve though education, experience and practice. I know we will all hear of her additional future successful contributions soon!”

-Loretta Koerner, Financial Institution sales leader , business development , saas, electronic payments