About Dr. Quigley

Dr. Constance Quigley is a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership and Founder of DCQonline.com. Dr. Quigley lives in business development and digital marketing and is always looking to connect with companies that challenge both the doctor's creative and analytical talents. Dr. Quigley's organizational history is rich and deeply invested in the continuous improvement of business processes.

Dr. Quigley excels in Business Development strategy, planning, and marketing with data-driven initiatives. Through bright, curious, and creative consulting projects, the doctor builds teams whose goal is to develop growth through innovation and the engagement of exceptional people. The doctor remains an organizational culture and workforce influencer who encourages the development of pioneering cross-functional teams.

​Data-driven and customer-focused work drive excellent retention, communication, and engagement with target audiences. Dr. Quigley believes in the science behind communications. DCQ Online's unique artistic expression and deep understanding of SEO and digital branding set the stage for their clients' success.

After 17 years Dr. Quigley's clients continue to benefit from our massive network and access to a wealth of possibilities. Most importantly, clients love "personalization," "having a designated support team," and "knowing my consultant knows me."

Academically, Dr. Quigley holds an Associate in the Foundations of Business, a Bachelor of Science in Global Management, and a Master of Business Administration. As a leader, Dr. Quigley strives for excellence- having achieved accolades within the following organizations: Delta Mu Delta, The NSLS, National Honors recognition, and the International Golden Key honors society. Beyond traditional schooling, The Doctor enjoys certificate courses in philanthropy and business.


University of Phoenix


Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership